Mat Kearney (Live in SLC at In the Venue)

(Mat Kearney, 10.28.09)

Mat Kearney live: one of the most enthusiastic and energetic musicians I have ever seen on stage in Salt Lake City. Even through the snow storms from Denver to Salt Lake City (I saw his twitpic after the show), anyone could tell he was so excited to be there. In "All I Have" and "City of Black and White," he replaced New York City with Salt Lake City. Loved it each time he did. His style of singing is versatile, he has a beautiful voice and can also rap while playing the guitar. That's some serious skill and talent. The stories behind his songs were fascinating. I love hearing stories behind the lyrics. I love his personality when he's talking, he's more like a friend. I don't think I've ever been to a concert where I've felt such a close connection to the singer. You could tell he wanted to be there and have the best night. And during the music, I lived in the moment of City of Black and White. He told jokes throughout the evening and in that room, there was an atmosphere and feeling you couldn't find anywhere else.
This concert made me realize that being a musician is much more than writing the music. It's about connecting to other people and finding the same or similar feelings that evoke that sense of emotion. It's a part of life and everything you go through. It's the places you see, the places you've been and where you are now in the present.

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shopgirl said...

how very insightful and true!