The Winter Games in Vancouver 2010

::Team USA! I love the Olympics, both winter and summer games. There's so much hype, adrenaline, excitement and cheering for athletes, as well as loyal support for countries. All the stories and moments in the Olympics become a part of us. It's the one time where the world comes together and shares the burning flame; where victory matters and no one ever forgets. And yet, nothing is ever truly lost in the Olympics, even if our favourite athletes or countries don't win. It's all about the journey to the Olympics, going and being there, learning along the way. It's the sacrifices these athletes make and seeing sports progress to the next level.
::The two events I've been watching are snowboarding and ice skating. I recently discovered snowboard cross. I didn't even know it was a sport. Snowboard cross is intense! Watching all these snowboarders race down a hill, I couldn't get enough of it. The men's half pipe blew me away. Shaun White dominates the half pipe. Peetu Piiroinen, Finnish snowboarder was actually really good. But still, nobody comes even close to Shaun White in the half pipe. He had the most air and control, then he stunned the world with the Double McTwist 1260. Did you see that?! I still can't get over it. Queralt Castellet, from Spain had an astonishing run in qualifications. She would have been quite the competition. And Torah Bright! She is stunning to watch in the half pipe, absolutely incredible. I want to be more like Torah one day. And who doesn't like ice skating? Men on skates? Joannie Rochette and her remarkable strength. They sparkle and they shine. Love them.
::The Olympics give a shiny glimmering hope of everything. Olympians inspire me. They remind us that everyone can achieve great heights, both literally and figuratively. I've been motivated to run and get in shape after watching these Olympians. I even went snowboarding the weekend after the main snowboarding events. I've been looking for snowboard cross camps and lessons. Even if I never compete in the Olympics, I am going to train for at least one snowboard cross competition. I am going for it. I never watch TV, but then the Olympics comes on and I'm addicted. It's surprising how fired up these Olympics get me.
::Now that the winter Olympics are over, farewell Vancouver Games. I miss you. We miss you. See you in Sochi, Russia!
::Side note: let's bring the winter Olympics back to Salt Lake City, Utah really soon!


Rich said...

Lauren, I loved the Olympics too! And yes, I want them back to Utah really soon too!

melle said...

haha I loved the comments during the half pipe!

"Oh I could do that."

"Oh that's no big deal."

So funny.

Anonymous said...

yay Olympics! I really love it how its a time when countries just gather together for some good ol' sportin' fun. I wish there were more activities that brought people from all over the world together. And oh how I wish the Olympics hadn't come to SLC till I was older, when they came I totally didn't care... so sad...