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Aside from blogging, I have written in journals almost since I learned how to write, well nine years to be exact. Within these years, there are spaces and gaps in time where I didn't catch up in writing and drastically fell behind. There's important people I wish I would have mentioned and many vacations I wish I would have wrote about. I am however, grateful that I never stopped writing and continue narrating my life.
These past two days, I've taken a turn down memory lane and went through previous journals. I've been laughing about how things have changed, yet how they've remained the same.
My handwriting has evolved in all sorts of directions. I miss the handwriting I had when I was seventeen, but I still love the handwriting I have now. I don't doubt that my handwriting will keep evolving.
I have written so many silly things that I don't remember. There were facts that shocked me. I wrote down twice that I wanted to be a scientist. Did I even know what a scientist was back then? I don't even recall writing that one down.
I've written down about dreams in my sleep. I've dreamt that I cried because I couldn't play the guitar. Strangely, I didn't write about any piano dreams since I started playing at three. I can laugh about this because I can now say that I do play the guitar.
I have even predicted my own future in my journal. I took this psychology class where I wrote down a timeline of things that I will do or will happen to me in the future. This was sometime in 2007. I still find this weird, but I predicted that in the summer of 2009, I will travel to Australia and New Zealand. I had no clue I was even going to these places until spring 2009. The only thing that didn't happen was going to Fiji and Antarctica.
I have liked the same person on various degrees since sixth grade. When I first met McDreamy/Jim Morrison, I said that I hope to never like him. It's been an odd six hundred days ever since I wrote that and I still sort of like him.
It's fun to go back and discover who you once were, who you are now and who you will be someday.


jessie@truthbetold said...

i have never really kept a journal myself. i always felt self conscious writing like that even though it wasn't supposed to be read by others.

and yes i did go to Salt Lake City for the concert. I had a great time at the concert but sadly it was rainy and cold so i didn't get to see much, also its actually really hard to get people to help you out there i found, oh well!

Diana Mieczan said...

After your post I wish I kept a journal....But I didnt...It must be so fascinating to go back and read all those stories....How fun!!!
Kisses sweetie:)

Ashleigh said...

I LOVE looking back at old photo albums and journals! Unfortunately, I don't journal as often as I would like to.

I was in that psych class too, senior year of high school. I loved the fact that we were required to write in a journal. If I had to do it, then I did it and enjoyed it.

Now it's hard to find the time. :(

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

I too kept journals from WAY back. I love looking back through them but it's bittersweet too. Sometimes I wish I could rewind and relive my days, ya know?