San Francisco

I've been to San Francisco since I was little and I never fell in love with this city until a few years back. I want to do touristy things in San Francisco because I've never really seen any of the touristy attractions. I've gotten off to a start because I saw The Golden Gate Bridge myself for the very first time. Mist surrounded the Bridge and the Golden Gate looked like the postcards I had seen. The Golden Gate is exactly how I imagined the bridge to be. Every time I think of the Golden Gate Bridge, I want to watch Homeward Bound and Vertigo all over again. I'm not the type who admires bridges, but the Golden Gate Bridge stands all glorious in my mind. I can't wait to see The Golden Gate's sister bridge, Seto Ohashi in Japan this winter.

"the buzz of the city, as we settle in its majesty"
-Vanessa Carlton, San Francisco


Sarah said...

ahhh san fran. selja and i planned an amazing spring break to there before we realized we had different spring breaks haha. maybe this year! i hope to live just outside of san fran!

ennlee said...

This is a great shot!! I love the mist hovering over the bridge!:)

Ashleigh said...

Beautiful mist.

This city is my favorite city in the U.S. (thus far anyway). I love how diverse, beautiful, and creative it is.

PS Love "San Francisco" by Vanessa Carlton.