Streets Beach. A beach in the midst of a city.
City Centre. I can't get enough of these buildings.
Office for lease. I want this to be my space.
a gorgeous skyline view
night scene after I got off the ferry

tortoises rule!
Brisbane is the faraway city I've been searching and dreamily waiting for. The colourful modernistic structures, Streets Beach at the heart of a metropolis, markets and all terrain, outdoor recreation park across from the skyline have made me believe that Brisbane has been waiting all along for me to find this city.
I walked through the botanical gardens, learning the difference between the types of vegetation all over the world. Now I know the difference between ferns and palm tree doppelgangers. There were indie rocker fashionistas at the City Centre, dressed in style I aspire to. The Cultural Centre with all the museums lined up in one place, where I met Ron Mueck's life sized characters is something I could never forget. I only wish I took pictures, only it seemed creepy at the time.
On the train to Beerwah (1 hr 15 min) to Australia Zoo, we passed by The Glass House Mountains. I want to go back there and actually stop to capture the landscape. At Australia Zoo, I instantly fell in love with all the animals, especially the Aldabran tortoises. I petted a baby alligator, fed a joey, fed an Asian elephant and hugged a koala. I felt Steve Irwin's legacy. The Australian Zoo emphasizes on conservation of wildlife. In part, I now feel responsible for caring for and protecting wildlife. I have so much enthusiasm for wildlife.
Some highlights and things I did:
Hop on and hop off city bus
Lookout from Mt Coot-tha
China Town
South Bank: Streets Beach
Stop No. 17 city lookout
Brisbane Mormon Temple
Botanical gardens
Museum of Modern Art: Ron Mueck
Australia Zoo (near Brisbane)

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