ramble on

Is it weird I find some things nostalgic, even if I was never really there? I told my mom I should have been born in the '70s. Listening to George Harrison and Bob Dylan explain some of this.
Music is my forte. I am avant-garde.
Being a music guide to discovery is teaching me patience and I'm learning more than I ever imagined. Also, I'm in the process of listening to reggae.
I like surrounding myself with other artists. I am always captivated to meet other people who walk around with notebooks of ideas. There's always someone cooler than you and it's not hard to believe, but a humbling experience each time. I'm driven to work harder in art and music.
I keep thinking I am J, at least when I'm at the studio. By the end of the night and a long day, I drive under the streetlights and I breathe and perceive life is harder than I thought, yet well worth the struggles. It's always much easier said than done.

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