an interview with Autumn Sky

Autumn Sky is a multi-instrumentalist and multi-award winning singer/songwriter from Sacramento, California. She has released an album, All Which Isn't Singing and a recent single, "I Light Afire." Although I have never met Autumn in person, I feel as though I know her bubbly personality through the early days of MySpace to Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Earlier this year, Autumn graciously allowed me to interview her via e-mail (it's later this year, but I thought I really need to post this now). Besides her music, I wanted to know more behind Autumn's colourful and playful style, which I love so much. Here are her words...

Where did you get your bright and happy sense of style?
From story book characters, actually. I read a lot of classic literature and I always wanted to be like the heroines in my stories and wear pretty, old fashioned things.

Which fashion era is your favourite?
France in the 1950's. I love the simplicity of it all. It all appears very streamlined without losing its sense of beauty, shape and sometimes even coolness. That's the things about French fashion, is that it doesn't need all the extra accessories to work. Americans really love their accessories but that doesn't mean that an outfit can't live without them.

What do you think is the trendiest style? What do you think is the worst style and should be banned?
The trendiest style right now is probably the music-festival-in-the-summer thing that's been happening lately, with all the shorts and neon and experimenting with deconstructed t-shirts and jeans. It's actually kind of cool because it started out with regular people, instead of starting in fashion houses somewhere out in a huge city. All these kids had to find something to wear that was hip, but wasn't going to cause them heat stroke, so they cut up their t-shirts. And now they sell them at Urban Outfitters, it's kind of funny.

And the trend I dislike the most right now is probably the futuristic look, with the painful heels and millions of spikes everywhere. I can't imagine ever feeling comfortable in stuff like that. But, that being said, to each their own. I'm only saying this because it's not my personal favorite, there are definitely girls out there in the world who make the look really good.

Coco Chanel said, "fashion is in the sky, the way we live, what is happening."
Do you believe that fashion is found in music?
Absolutely. I actually buy mostly dresses now because when I started out I didn't have any money, and so to make sure that I had the right clothes for performances, I would only buy performance clothes. Now my at-home style is a lot more like what I'd wear on stage, which is actually nice. I don't feel like I have two wardrobes anymore and I actually really like feeling more dressed up. Dressing up makes me feel like a lady.

Have you ever found yourself writing a song about one of your dresses or a favourite pair of shoes?
Yes, I have; I have a song called "Lovers Theme" where I mention buying a new dress and green shoes to wear on a date, and a song called "Jacket" about a boy who looks very handsome in one. :)

(I have also interviewed Autumn Sky on music at my other blog here.)


mina said...

she has the most adorable clothes!

Jessie said...

Great interview! I love her style & music