a new year, a new yet same of everything

Amy Stroup, one of my favourite singer/songwriters in 2011 updated her fans in an e-mail with her mantra, "Alas, We Aspire." As I read Stroup's mantra, I couldn't help but think of Laura Marling's "Alas, I Cannot Swim." These are two opposite quotes and meanings, only shared by the exclaiming and exquisite classic remark of 'alas'. Still, there's a part that draws me in.

As 2012 draws nearer, I think of how I want to overcome some of my greatest fears. I think of how I want to approach this new and upcoming year. I had second thoughts about having any resolutions or goals until I read [this] and decided I want to become the same, but an evolved and better person.

I'm not sure what the future holds, but I can only hope for the best and know I want to aspire and be.

A soon to be HAPPY NEW YEAR in 2012!!!

"Cause life without revision will silence our souls."
-Sleeping at Last


A. said...

Lovely. I think these should be everyone's new year's resolutions. So healthy, happy and realistic. Also, that last quote is amazing. May have to borrow it. :)

Katelin said...

love that quote. hope you had a wonderful new year's!

selja sini said...

lauren your blog looks so freaking good. i love the new look, and sorry to just notice it now but still it looks dang nice. That quote was great too, makes me want to better myself :)