Facts about the REAL East High

Photo Courtesy of (http://east.slc.k12.ut.us/images/EHS_Building.jpg)

(In case you didn't know or if you were wondering...)

Location: Salt Lake City, UT
Mascot: Leopards
School colors: Red and White
School Rivalry: Highland High School
We do NOT have a fountain in front of our school. The one used in HSM is made of Styrofoam and only used for our school musicals.
We do NOT have banners outside of our school. Exteriors of East High are basic and plain.
We do NOT have a garden on top of our roof. The garden on top of East High was only created for HSM. East High students are restricted from the roof.
The sign in front of our school says “Salt Lake City East”. In HSM, the sign says “East High School”
Our drama room is not in an actual classroom. It’s in a Little Theater where drama students perform productions.
Students use eMacs for graphics and NOT MacBook Pros as seen in HSM. The computers in the library were replaced with more updated monitors for HSM.
Our school lunch isn't as fancy as scene in HSM3.
Believe it or not, East High isn’t as sparkling clean as you see it.
Besides the cast of HSM, the REAL East High has our own stars and well known people who attend and/or have graduated from East High (see link below).
Our posters in the hallway are not as perfect as shown in HSM.
In general, a lot of the decoration seen in HSM is non-existent at the REAL East High.
Disney transformed the REAL East High into a ‘perfect’ school and when shooting was over, they turned it back into ‘normal’ again.
While shooting HSM, students were not permitted anywhere near shooting sites. However, few students met and saw the cast of HSM.
The halls of East High are not as colorful as in the movie. With East High’s new principal, we are working on making the school a brighter place. East High has been called a ‘hospital’ or ‘mental institution’ known for white hallways.
Students usually don’t dress in candy colored clothes to school.
We don’t randomly break out in songs and dances.
For more background info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Salt_Lake_City_School_District

Now you know that film is deceptive, but everyday is still a great day to be a Leopard at East High. East High continues its legacy where amazing happens. Any other questions?

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Anonymous said...

yes! I have wanted to do something like this forever! Like make a movie to put on Youtube exposing the REAL EHS. I liked how you kept on saying the real east high is no where as near as colorful/perfect/fun/clean. so true... so true...