HSM3 "A Hit Sensation!"

Strong passionate dislike for High School Musical? I thought so too until HSM3: Senior Year came along. With high expectations from fans and a huge big screen production, HSM3 truly made an outstanding come back. Splashes of colorful costumes along with glamorized sets were just a small part of bringing life to this film. Throughout HSM3, anticipated new catchy songs almost made you get out off your seat and 'break free' yourself. It's exciting to see a new face, Jenna McKenzie-Brown as well as the familiar original cast we've come to know and love. Overall, HSM3 had a good plot, impressively directed and well scripted. Despite overly dramatic scenes, there were moments of truth about friendship, love, and lessons to be learned while growing up. HSM3 brings many laughs, smiles, and memories. This is one high school fairytale to never forget. HSM3 exceeded my expectations and deserves four stars for approval.


Rich said...

It really was a great movie although I don't think I liked it as much as you

Sarah said...

whoa, are you serious? I thought whoever wrote it was on drugs. I think it was near an amazing movie, but the craziness was just over the top in a desperate way. So close to achieving artistic value as a good movie, but just not close enough.