Hallmark Cards & Cards in General

The joyous thing about going to Hallmark is finding all these greeting cards you couldn't find anywhere else. There's plenty of cards for almost every occassion. My favourites are the ones that complete inside jokes. Also, the singing cards make me laugh out loud every time I open a card. When it's dead silent and you open a singing card, it becomes unbearably hilarious. Giving and receiving cards are both fun either way. Cards say the words you need or want to say that you maybe couldn't say in person. I'm not favouring Hallmark over any other card brand, but Hallmark is just great in general. Today I received a Thank You card and inside was a message, short and sweet. But my question is, how do you respond to Thank You cards? Thank You for your Thank You card?! Although it's always nice to thank others, this cycle would continue and then you would think to yourself, "why are we thanking each other again?"  

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olivia said...

Ha! I will always remember when you sent me that ecard forever ago with "the bird." CLASSIC. :)