sur le papier

Everything makes more sense on paper. It's as if a pen and paper can solve problems and clear muddled thoughts away. Ink on paper feels permanent like nothing could ever be erased. There's something about words written on paper that allow us to geniunely express our emotions, it's tangible. As much as I love technology, I still love writing and sending letters through the mail. I'm always excited when I open a letter from a friend in Germany, Florida or Texas. Even though they're miles and miles away, it's always a comfort to read their words and the stories tell. I've kept a journal for nine years and throughout those years, my handwriting has continually evolved. An individual's handwriting has a story, a personality trait underneath the lines. I still study these lines, loving and admiring how different one person's handwriting is to another. 
Even though GPS systems are useful and handy these days, I still prefer using maps. The maps you unfold to find directions and then folding them back so you don't appear as a tourist. I used to think underground transportation was hard to get by. I just didn't understand until last summer when I ventured off to places on my own in the Underground in London. Then I found my way with an Octopus through the MTR Stations in Hong Kong. On a recent weekend trip to Paris, I navigated and acted as a guide to find the Notre Dame and Eiffel Tower. Sometimes I think I'm more lost in my own city than abroad. Maybe home is calling me from all ends of the Earth. Or I enjoy connecting all the dots that lead me in the right direction. I'm not quite sure what it is, but I'll continue expressing and finding myself with simply paper and ironically, my blog. 

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E. said...

"Sometimes I think I'm more lost in my own city than abroad. Maybe home is calling me from all ends of the Earth"----super like this. I know exactly how that feels.