Grand Gothic Cathedrals

While discovering "Cathedrals" by Jump Little Children, I was more awed by the lyrics than the actual tune, which sounds like an oldies classic. 
Faded colors, pieces left incomplete
Across the borders between continents

In the cathedrals of New York and Rome
There is a feeling that you should just go home
And spend a lifetime finding out just where that is

In the shadows of tall buildings
The architecture is slowly peeling
Marble statues and glass dividers
Someone is watching all of the outsiders
The line moves slowly through the numbered gate
Past the mosaic of the head of state
As I'm still piecing out what these lyrics mean, I think of my own deep reverence for all the cathedrals I've visited. Walking into a cathedral, one feels small and incomparable to the scale of grandly elevated ceilings. Most cathedrals are hundreds of years old with layers of history built into stone. There's much appreciation towards all of the beauty held by the details of cathedrals. We see this art and wonder how these cathedrals become one of us. We take our surroundings and place these cathedrals in our hearts and...home. Sometimes as individuals we don't know where that home is so we need to find it ourselves. Maybe these cathedrals aren't cathedrals. Maybe they represent skyscrapers or people, cities and ruins. I'm not entirely sure of the meanings of this song, but I do know I love traveling to places and finding myself in these cathedrals, places I feel at home.  
Photo: Inside le Notre Dame
Photo taken by: Lauren Sum

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