NPR (National Public Radio) is programmed in my car. When there's commercials and songs I just can't stand on what seems like every radio station, I'll listen to NPR. I listen to NPR so I'm more informed about the problems around me, locally and globally. I enjoy All Things Considered, their news updates and sometimes their interviews. The stories they publish educate and inform in a light different than other mass media companies. I can't exactly put my finger on it, but I can say that I'm in love with NPR. 

Facts I Learned Today That I Was Not Aware of Before:
Little did I know, in the 1930's 20, 000 Jews escaped from Nazis and found refuge in Shanghai. Today, the Chinese government want to demolish the remains of Little Vienna. This, I find sorrowfully sad. As the author of this article mentioned, China doesn't value history. For example, look what happened during the Cultural Revolution during Mao's time. So much history gone forever. I'm not a huge history person, but I'm certain that future generations from all backgrounds would want to know their own history from the past. I'll pray that they change their minds and keep Little Vienna as a memory in history. 
Scientists have always named their discoveries with their own names or crazy ones. Scientists who study the genetics of fruit flies have named a species INDY after Monty Python's Holy Grail. These fruit flies live longer than usual and I think the naming is hilariously appropriate. Some people actually suffer from INDY. This runs on my dad's side of his family. After all, my great great grandfather was the oldest living man in Rhode Island years ago before he passed away. 
Everyone knows about Darwin's theory on evolution. Although he remains a controversial subject, I'm glad NPR and other mass medias commemorated Darwin's 200 years anniversary. Darwin linked his studies with earthworms and agriculture. Who knew? Darwin did.  

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