Three Artists to Swoon Over + Two to Love

Greg Laswell
He's known for his songs on Grey's Anatomy. Some of his songs have almost made me cry on the last season of Grey's Anatomy, especially the finale. Although some of his songs have made me sad, he writes happy songs, too. His voice is comfort and I love his tunes.
Songs to listen to:
"How the Day Sounds"
"Off I Go"
"Comes And Goes (In Waves)"
Graham Colton
The first time I saw Graham Colton live was in Ft. Lauderdale, when I saw him perform as The Graham Colton Band. He did an opening act for Kelly Clarkson during her tour a few years back. The second time I saw him live was in Seattle, opening for Vanessa Carlton. I didn't recognize who he was until he played his song "First Week." The same song I had on my iPod and the song I sang along to when I first saw him live. After he performed on stage, I got a picture with him. And after the Vanessa Carlton concert, I bought his cd and talked with him a bit more. He's a down to earth guy who loves his fans. I told him I saw him before performing with Shakira! My mistake...that was before I realized I saw him with Kelly Clarkson. I was slightly embarrassed I had said that out loud to him, but I got over it. He's sweet and writes beautiful songs. I love him. You should add him as a friend on Twitter. He twitters/tweets back and appreciates all the support.
Check out his new EP: Twenty Something
Songs to Listen to:
"Love Comes Back Around"
"Cellophane Girl"
Joshua Radin
I discovered Joshua Radin through iTunes and a song performed with Schuyler Fisk. If you listen to his songs, they will make you laugh and take a long drive on an afternoon, carelessly cruising through life.
Songs to listen to:
"No Envy, No Fear"
"I'd Rather Be With You"
Schuyler Fisk
Discovering Schuyler Fisk was one of the best things that has happened to me. I fell in love with her after finding a cover song of hers on YouTube. Ever since then, I learned how to play her songs on the guitar and did a cover song myself. She has one of the most beautiful voices and writes all the songs that describe my life. Love her.
Songs to listen to:
"From Where I'm Standing"
"The Good Stuff"
Ingrid Michaelson
Also known for her songs on Grey's Anatomy, she's linked to Greg Laswell. Her style is a bit different, slightly melancholy and indie. All the more reason to listen to her.
Songs to listen to:
"All Love"
"Turn to Stone"
"The Way I Am"

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E. said...

Ooh, From Where I'm Standing is one of my all time faves---but these are all great picks. You have some seriously good taste, my friend :)