This Summer: Explore the World

Summer Tour 2009

Guess where I'm going?

Australia: New Zealand: England: Germany: Hawaii

or to be more exact...

Sydney: Auckland: London: Düsseldorf: Oahu
I might even make a summer film to remember each day on vacation. Perhaps a travel vlog or something of the sort.
Plus, taking lots of pictures.
Can't wait.


Anonymous said...

oh WOW!!! lucky you! do a video!! that would rock, and be awesome to see:) wow wow wow! how was this trip thought of? are you going by yourself? oooh im excited for you!

Sum said...

Thanks. I really want to do a video! haha It will be a little hard managing two cameras. Anyways it's a long story. haha But I'm going with my family to all these destinations, except for Germany. I'm going there to visit some friends. :)

E. said...

a;lwh;afoasdihalkjfn ;kasdhf asldfh!!!

I cannot even type, I'm so super jealous. Auckland! London! Just kill me now.

Live. It. Up. And send all the world my love.

Katelin said...

that sounds like an amazing trip! can't wait to hear about it all.

Sum said...

E: I wish you and Olivia could come with me! Especially to New Zealand! I will definitely send all the world your love! :)
Katelin: thanks! I will have many stories to tell when I come back!

naomi megan. said...

oooh my goodness you are so lucky! do you have a travel partner? i'd LOVE to come! haha, jk.

have a wonderful time!