a love letter to the hot bio ta

11.18.09 was the first time I ever saw you.
Last week, I coincidentally showed up at the library
and you were there.
We laughed about crocodiles running on treadmills.
I asked a question and you completely read my mind.
You were walking steps ahead of me,
while I was walking to my car.
Then you turned around and waited for me.
We walked together in the cold winter night.
As we talked, I knew you were the one.
I fell in love.
I barely know who you are.
But I know you are one of those guys,
the one in a million.
Hard to catch and hard to find.
I really like you.


p.s. I know this sounds cheesy and stupid. I heart Taylor Swift,
but this sounds like one of her songs and I'm no longer
in high school or fifteen.

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1 comment:

Sarah C said...

love this post!

and moments when you bump into someone you've been staring at for a while, and it just works!