Loving the Holidays

photos via flickr

What I love most about the holidays is snow. Walking through the snow in warm, toasty boots and hearing the crunch sounds as you walk. Christmas trees, especially how they glow at night from the outside of houses. As much as I love writing Christmas wish lists, I enjoy writing Christmas cards and sending off presents to family and friends. Holiday lights have always been my favourite since I was little. Every year, one of our neighbors decorates their entire house in white lights and resembles a gingerbread house. I love all the different colours, trees and lamp posts in array of sparkles and seeing many houses with their own style of holiday lights. Each of these tell a different story; snow, Christmas trees; presents and lights. Every year, these stories have a different meaning and change. This is why I love the holidays.


Elizabeth said...

I agree. I kind of hate to make wish lists...makes me feel awkward to ask for things, but I love giving stuff to other people :)

SJ said...

I wish it would snow here! That would be so beautiful. We only get ice. Or flurries. Texas sucks.

I love giving gifts to others, too!