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Today has been a really good day. A Monday filled with happiness. I can't stop smiling and I can't hide it. If there is such thing called being too happy, that would be me.
Although it's been chilly, there was sunshine in the sky.
Froot Loops and brown cinnamon Pop Tarts.
Went to school and found out I had passed all my midterms. Made my day.
In jazz class, we were discussing about the Lindy Hop and my heart fluttered thinking about you. The time we swing danced, the gentleman you were and always have been. I really miss those days and now you're gone for some of the best two years.
I've realized that in some ways, I am a lot like Augustine. We were talking about Thomas Aquinas and he's convinced me that maybe philosophy can answer questions; you can learn about the universe from ideas of thinking from thousands of years ago.
I went running again. I've been on a natural happy high.
There are some songs that define moments in life. I could listen to them again and again.
I'll openly admit this to the world and without being embarrassed. I want to be an Olympian. A pro snowboarder in either snowboard cross or the half pipe.
Some days, you might surprise yourself. Sometimes everything goes your way and you think everything is going to be ok.


xoxoKrysten said...

Yay I'm glad you had such a great day!

Buttercup said...

I'm obsessed with brown cinnamon Pop Tarts. And how did you do on the math midterm?

I bombed it. Don't even worry. Hahaha.

I love your posts about happy days! They inspire me. :)

Hermione said...

Oh, I love it! Good for you! What a wonderful feeling, isn't it? More of this:)

Rich said...

Glad the week so far has been going well, especially with school!

Sarah said...

i love your posts lauren! they always fill me with such positivity! I want to be on Team USA with you, hello speed skating.