Valentine's Day (the movie)

First, I found out about Valentine's Day through Taylor Swift's tweet. Then I saw the trailer for Valentine's Day and fell in love. I couldn't wait to see the movie. All I could think of was McDreamy McDreamy McDreamy. They threw in every possible celebrity in one film and with all my favourite people, too. I watched Valentine's Day on Valentine's Day. I don't think I've ever laughed any harder. I felt the pain of being single, I felt all the heartbreak out in the world and I felt the joy of love. There was every possible kind of love in Valentine's Day. The love between best friends, lovers, strangers, family, friends and even forbidden romances. Also, there was the unforgettable love and emotions you feel at every age. Every bit of it was beautiful. The story is told almost exactly like one of my favourite holiday novels, Let It Snow by Maureen Johnson, John Green and Lauren Myracle. It was an intertwined love story of love from all different perspectives, which I loved. In the end, I realized it wasn't about McDreamy or even McSteamy. It was all about the love in love.
Overall, the script was well written with hysterical humor, witty sarcasm and satirical irony. There were quite a few good songs for their soundtrack that I liked. The casting couldn't have been any better. They picked all the right people for all the roles. Taylor Swift was being Taylor Swift. Harrison, played by Patrick Dempsey played himself as Dr. Shepperd, just another surgeon on another show. Only this time he deals with hearts, not brains. Jennifer Gardner is a teacher, yet again in love with a best friend. There definitely was a lot of typecasting going on. This makes sense since this was a high concept film and it was to be expected. I completely rate Valentine's Day and I think I'm going to go see it again. Valentine's Day is one of the best Valentine's Day movies to watch and possibly one of the best love stories. It's not a classic, but one of those perfect chick flicks for the weekends.
Today has been one of the best Valentine's Day and I'm not even in a relationship. For a day all about love, I haven't felt completely alone. I've realized that I love the people around me. I love my family and friends. These are the relationships that mean the most to me. Love is everywhere, sometimes in front of you where you've forgotten to look. Maybe one day I'll find that other kind of love, the kind of romantic love. For now, I just know and believe that love exists.
Happy Valentine's Day!


pixelhazard said...

Oh I'm going to watch that soon!

ennlee said...

Oh I've been wanting to see that movie ever since I saw the trailer months ago! I'm glad you liked it.....quite a few people have said it was good so I'm totally looking forward to watching it very soon!!

olivia said...

can't wait to see it! I agree with everything you said about valentines day.

Jenny Zestful Life said...

Well said Lauren, yes we will find that love when the time is right. Amen sister..