Project: The Collective Musique Discovery

In search of music from all genres.
Current no. of songs on my iPod: around 4200.
I'm always on the lookout for new music. On my phone, I have Shazam for any songs that might serendipitously find me wherever I go. In my notes, I keep a list of songs I'll later download on my iPod. My last recent update included The Smiths and Led Zeppelin, music I would usually never listen to. It was (500) Days of Summer and listening to the electric guitar, which have sparked my inspiration to broaden my spectrum of music. And this is why I'm really looking, to search for the unexpected and surprising sounds over the airwaves and beyond. Here begins a music journey of discovering the sounds of the past, present and future.
Side note: I like Music Mondays, a lot.

(...if anyone would like to help me out and share your favourite music, list of artists and songs, please do!)

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Rich said...

New singer: Tyrone Wells! BTW, I also like the (500) Days of Summer album!