Discoveries have been made at Sam Weller's over shelves of vintage National Geographic to maps and bargain finds. My friends introduced me to this bookstore in downtown and now I'm obsessed. We spent an afternoon there and literally lost track of time. I came back home with two of the same Oceanic maps for my love of Australia and New Zealand. I'm hoping to go back for a map of Antarctica, maps of other places I want to explore one day and any other books I might find. It's a rhapsodic world for those who love and want to get lost in books.


Heini said...

Exploring maps is a great pastime! My parents got this old antique globe from an auction where I´ve marked places I want to visit.

Hermione said...

Love maps too. They're amazing in so many ways. My goal is to get a great globe this year. That'll be pretty amazing!