revolution 2011

image via kacie williams
I have decided I am going to be the architect of my own life. I am going to the places my heart leads me to and my feet will carry me there, whole in soul and spirit wherever these places may be.
2011, a new year and a new of everything. As much as I would like to step into the future or live in the present, these two couldn't exist without reliving the past. I'm still trying to comprehend time, the universe and simply what everything means. I have learned much within the last year and writing resolutions for this year didn't feel right to me. Resolutions sound final, the resolution of a discord into concord at the final note, the end. I wanted to write revolutions instead. Revolutions I'll be thinking of and working towards this year and many years on. There is no end.
Here are some of my revolutions...
be more self-less and willing to help others more
spend more time creating art and playing music
surround myself with family and friends more
explore and discover the world by getting out
learn new things through classes and self-teaching
always love, be positive and happy


selja sini said...

I like what you said at the beginning. Take control! Wohoo. Happy New Year Lauren. Let's jam sometime yes?

jessie said...

You are so right! Hopefully 2011 is a great year!

Oh and in reply - The first 7 images are at Heide which is an amazing gallery and park just outside of Melbourne, and the last few are in Campbell Arcade Subway station platform in the city, there is a gallery project that displays in the walkway and that is what the pics are of.