LOVE. It's my birthday!

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I've been celebrating my birthday all day on June 28th because I know somewhere in the world, on the other side of the hemisphere, it's my birthday. But now it's midnight and it's officially my birthday! June 29th is a lovely day. I know this because I share this day with four other friends and I am turning 21/twenty-one this year. I couldn't be happier as I'm currently listening to The Rock and the Tide. I'm obsessed with Joshua Radin, especially after seeing him at The Forum. What's also currently making me happy is all my family and friends helping me make my 21st birthday wish come true. This year, I'm asking for $21 and more for two charities I fully support and love. ($21 is what I'm asking for, but a donation of any amount helps, every penny counts). For more details, click here. Please help me carry on this message if you can. Thanks!


Katelin said...

hope you have a fabulous 21st birthday!!

Punctuation Mark said...

hope you're having a absolutely fantastic one!

shopgirl said...

Happy Belated Birthday sweetie! Joshua Radin's music is wonderful!

E. said...

Hey, you! Met Ultah, as the Indonesians would say---sorry it's late, but I mean it all the same. Happiest of birthdays to you.

Teresa said...

I might be late for this year but I will be the first to greet you a Happy Birthday for next year... HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :)

   ♥ Teresa ♥
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