double shock

Mat Kearney talked with me over the phone.
You can read more here.
A friend posted this picture of us exactly 12 years ago.
Seems like we grow up too fast.
The International Children's Choir performs for dignitaries Tuesday, June 15, 1999 at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building.

Life is strange and sometimes, I still can't believe it all.


Jessie said...

That's so exciting you are coming to Melbourne! There is plenty on at the moment. I would go & check out the NGV Gallery - there is an amazing Vienna exhibition starting this week, Melbourne Museum is a winner too & has the King Tutt show on at the moment. Food wise, check out La Miette in Hardware Lane for amazing baked goods, Curtin House in Swanston St has a great restaurant called Cookie plus the Rooftop Bar in the same building has great views & food. If you are here on the weekend check out Rose Street Artist Markets at 60 Rose St Fitzry for great food, stalls & awesomeness, I would check out Brunswick St & Gertrude St Fitzroy - amazing food, shopping & atmosphere. Babka Bakery on Brunswick St is AMAZING. I'll have a think and see if I can come up with anything else!

Also you like Joshua Radin right? He is playing the Forum Theatre next Thursday night 23rd June if your interested

E. said...

Say what?! Look at you, talking to Mat Kearney like nothing doing. Am v. impressed.

Also, didn't know you were in ICC, too! My roommate and I both did that and like to reminisce :)

K, so really major point: email me. So I can email you. With music. And happiness.

aubrey said...

i am right there with you! I still feel like I should be 5 and only worrying about how much time I have out in the sun before bed. It kind of sucks being an adult. it is just strange.

shopgirl said...

How very sweet. Which one are you?

p.s. I love your enthusiastic for everything and I hope you do get to record that record one day. I'll be waiting to buy it! Glad you're on this journey with me!

Have a fantastic week!!