head or your heart

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The words came out of me. Circulatory system. This was my first train of thought. This was my response to thinking of a metaphoric image conveying the qualities of a runner. I thought of how the circulatory system needs to keep running in a cycle. A runner must keep on moving in order to finish a race and the circulatory system lives within a runner. Silence. In a room full of art, computer science and game design majors, I was outnumbered. Once I said those words out loud, I came to a realization that I have become everything I study and do. It's as if science breathes right through me, along with the atoms, water molecules and life I am made of. I asked myself. Who am I? Sometimes I can't believe the words that seem to spill out of me. Only a scientist would have thought of such response. Yet here I am, allowing myself to become a part of the world I observe and live in. While I'm attempting to think more like a biologist, I'm also still dwelling on whether this really is the path I want to take. I have my fears, but I also have this certain reassurance that wherever I may go, I will find myself in this world. Analogous to the circulatory system, there are many pathways. The road less traveled on becomes less of a question and more of a risk worth taking.

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aubrey said...

You are so awesome! I love your blog every time I look at it!
I am so glad everytime you leave comments for me!
OF COURSE you can write me! It would be so great!
i will keep you updated no worries!
Love yoU!