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wɒndəˌlʌst\-noun; a strong, innate desire to rove or travel about.

I have several wanderlists (see here). Quite often, I don't realize I've been to places or done things I've wanted to do until I go back and revisit my wanderlist. One ambition I fulfilled is 'overcome snorkeling fears and explore the Great Barrier Reef'. After last summer, I fell in love with the ocean. I scuba dived in the Great Barrier Reef and never knew I would do such great things. Thereafter, I wanted to snorkel as much as I could and I wanted to take scuba diving lessons (now adding to my wanderlist). Traveling to Cairns opened up the oceans of possibilities for me, a desire to explore vast oceans. Less than twenty-four hours ago, I was in Paris at La Défense, in the midst of early Monday morning traffic. People were rushing from one end to another, some stopped by the Pomme de Pain boulangerie, click-clack heels echoing, stores beginning to open and I was sad to leave. All of the sudden, I had this train of thought enter my mind. I thought about the word 'wanderlust'. What does wanderlust mean? A desire to travel the world. There I was immersed in the discourse of a French pool. In all honesty, I occasionally curse the tower of Babel, but this time instead I loved every moment of hearing français being spoken. It's been two years and more since I dived deep in French. I still remember a lot and I miss taking French from Madame Collmar. I want to go back and study French. Traveling brings about such desires, such as jumping into oceans and learning French. I dream of being there again, a school of fish swimming around me and sitting in a cafe eating crêpes, macarons, flan and paninis. There is a desire to travel, but also a desire that comes with traveling. After all, what is the purpose of traveling if there are no desires after the traveling process? What is the word after wanderlust? Or am I describing a feeling for which there are no words? I'll keep searching. For now, I am boundlessly grateful for the opportunities to travel and this wonderful world I live in.


selja sini said...

that. was. beautiful.
a journey in itself.
wanderlust- highly contagious. I would say the word after is contentment, more specifically happiness- i would hope so at least :)

shopgirl said...

Great word - I didn't realize I was a wanderlust until I read your post!

Have a great week sweetie!