to love and be loved

Not a day goes by without having Japan on my mind. I feel sorrowful for the land I love, the most altruistic and loving people known to mankind and the whole overall, ongoing situation. I participated on the blogger's day of silence. I have to admit it wasn't easy because there's a lot I've been wanting to say about everything. But through the silence, I contemplated about a lot of things. I've thought about life and I've thought about people. People have been worried about themselves being exposed to radiation. People have been overreacting and panicking. These people aren't even directly affected by the situation in Japan. I'm not worried about myself. I'm more worried for the people in Japan. What about those in Japan without a shelter, food, clothing and water? What about those who don't have the basic necessities to survive? What about the Fukushima 50 who are sacrificing their own lives to save their country and to save other lives? I've been teary-eyed and touched by all the stories about self-less, brave and genuinely loving people in Japan who are still helping and sharing with neighbors and strangers. In such heartache and afflicting circumstances, the Japanese are gracious, humble and respectful to everyone. They are the definition of to love and be loved. The whole world can learn a lot from Japan.
Throughout the silence, I've also had an epiphany. I was reading and watching the news about Japan. All I want to do is reach out and help everyone there. I've been struggling to find reason to learn physiology. But then, at that moment, I knew why and found a reason to learn physiology. I want to help others and I can't do this without having a basic understanding about the way our bodies work.
For the past few years, I've been going on a dental humanitarian trip to China. There are two dental trips our team is involved with this year and I'll be going on one of them. Last year, I planned on going on both trips. But now, I am determined to go to Japan to help in any way I can. It only feels right for me to help Japan and I am hoping I can go there to reach out and do all that I can for people in need.
Japan, I love you. I think of you often and I pray for you. All of you are in my heart.


selja sini said...

you have a big heart- makes me want to make more room in m heart to love more people...like people in Japan (: thanks for this post.

Diana Mieczan said...

You are so wonderful and Im totally inspired by you, sweetie. I have a friend in Tokyo right now. Hugs and kisses

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